Volleyball Internacional (formerly Volleyball Latino) is a year-round, indoor league for everyone! Whether you’re just beginning to play or have been playing for years, we have something for you.

In 2013 we began playing in a one-court gym at a local church. People were having so much fun that they started inviting their friends and family to play volleyball with them. Today we have over 70 teams playing in a gym with seven volleyball courts.

This is a family friendly league - we want you to bring your family, children, friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas… we love it when the gym is full of cheerleaders and spectators cheering you on.

But this isn’t just about volleyball (yeah it gets better). This league raises money for Casa de Paz, a hospitality home for families affected by immigrant detention. Not only do we get the play the sport we all love, but we get to have a part in keeping families together.

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