DIVISION C -  This is our beginner league. If you're new to volleyball or would like to dust off the rust after not playing for a few years, this is the perfect division for you. This is a more relaxed league and players have fun without pressure. No doubles or lifts will be called in this division. We will only call net violations.. This is a great division to have fun and work on your basic skills. 

DIVISION B - This division is for players who are ready for more competition. Players in this division should know how to serve, pass, set, and hit. This is the perfect league for you if you're still learning and might not always execute these skills with great consistency. We will call very obvious doubles, lifts, out of rotations, as well as the calls for Division C.

DIVISION BB - Players in Division BB typically have played in lower divisions and are now confident in their skills and understand how to play each position on the court. Expect to have a basic understanding of each position and confident to play each rotation fully. We will call doubles, lifts, and all the violations for Division B.

DIVISION A - Our A players can run different offenses (6-2, 5-1), have a great understanding of all positions on the court and can execute all skills with accuracy and power. Our referees strictly adhere to all rules and will call all violations for Division BB but at a higher rate.